Фоллаут 3 мод Менеджер

Фоллаут 3 мод Менеджер

FOMM — это очень полезная программа для управления вашими модификациями, благодаря которой установка и работа с модами станет намного проще, да и приятней.

Fallout Mod Manager — FOMM для Fallout 3

Control how your mod can be installed, and give your users choices. You can write powerful install scripts using the flexible XML Configuration scripts, the more powerful C# Scripts, or event the traditional OBMM/OMOD script language.

This version can be installed over earlier versions without any additional work. It will upgrade its log files as required. Note that the upgrade process will not touch your mods, but it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how many, and what type, fomods you have installed.

FOMM will replace any existing FOMM installation that is 0.13.0 or newer. Any pre-0.13.0 version will be left intact in case you wish to continue using them for Fallout 3.

Because FOMM is no longer a mod manager for a single game, the recommendations for where to install it have changed since 0.12.x and older versions. Whereas it was usual and recommended to install FOMM in the Fallout game folder, that is no longer the case. While you are free to install FOMM wherever you like, the recommendation is to let FOM install itself in the Program Files directory. This is also true for users running Vista/Win7 with UAC.

When you run FOMM for the first time, you will be asked where you would like to store your FOMods, as well as where you would like to store FOMM mod installation information. The default locations are recommended, but you can specify alternate locations if you wish: for example, if you have a separate drive dedicated to FOMods.

NVMM надо кидать в папку с Fallout New Vegas . А если и так не запускается то нажимаешь правой кнопкой мыши по значку NVMM и нажимаешь Запуск от имени администратора.

Но у меня не работает ни так ни так! У меня ХР — не работает! У друга семёрка так работает, а ещё у одного друга ХР тоже не работает! Робит ток на семёрке!

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