Скачать мод для Saints Row 4

Скачать мод для Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 — продолжение комедийного экшена в большом открытом мире и фантастическом сеттинге. Четвёртая часть продолжит историю Святых третьей улицы: в этот раз они — короли свободного мира, а их лидер — новый президент США. Однако в один прекрасный день происходит нападение пришельцев, и все Святые оказываются помещены в чудаковатую симуляцию Стилпорта. В этой виртуальной версии города Святые обнаруживают, что обладают колоссальными сверхспособностями.

This mod adds copies of the main character Homies (Shaundi, Asha, others listed above) that are wearing the clothes they wear during the mission, «The Saints Wing» AKA the White House outfits to the phone contacts list.

I made a few changes the murderbot weapons.You can now crouch and dual wield them. The minigun no longer fires a sweeping pattern.Also have them unlocked at the store.

This took a while to set up and is still buggy but damn does it work, I managed to get the wings working with the in-game color palette but it still has some texture issues due to no real SDK to work with and the ped models, but all in all it looks nice.

Digging the threads on an otherwise non-noteworthy bystander? Wish there was a way to deck yourself out in some of that spectacular style? Now you can! This mod offers the humble service of making a ton of non-playable character outfits available for your use. Just head on over to the nearest Planet Zin and discover all sorts of fantastic new styles.

Скачать Saints Row IV бесплатно

Super powers sure are fantastic in Saints Row 4. Unfortunately, there are obvious limits in place to keep you from getting out of control. Wish you could just plain out use them all the time whenever you felt like it? Say hello to your new favorite mod. With this one you can use your super powers without limit and enjoy being a god among men and women all the time!

Tired of looking at the same unchanging sky box all the time in Saints Row 4? Then its time for a change. This mod allows time to pass, day to turn into night, and everything to run on a dynamic cycle. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets as you will with this relatively simple, yet incredibly practical fix.

This Saints Row 4 mod was made to cover that exact reason. It supplies numerous additional cheats to Saints Row 4 to be used at your absolute leisure. It even repairs and reinserts cheats that have previously been removed! Just check out the lengthy list.

Feel like pushing the limit of the skies further than you ever could before? Now you can. This mod removes the height limit on any airborne vehicle, allowing you fly as high as you would like. You can go up above the clouds and even above the alien spaceship if you so choose.

Скачать Saints Row Mod Pack на ГТА 4

Saints Row IV изначально являлось очередным DLC для Saints Row: The Third, которая переросла в полноценную игру, поэтому большинство модов перекочевала из Saints Row: The Third в Saints Row IV.

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